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... A propósito de Bernarda Alba

The Maid’s voice and the wake give us an open door to a closed world, as it is a portrait of Ferderico García Lorca’s play.



Alone in her bedroom, Bernarda prepares to rest, but the oppressive atmosphere propels her dreams towards a distressing nightmare. Through this oneiric journey, she feels tension with the relationships around her from her daughters and the subjugation imposed by her, it takes them on a vertiginous spiral of anxiety that La Poncia will put a stop to.



Pepe el Romano’s arrive in Bernarda’s dream, they witness her frustration and repressed bodily desire which has been transmitted to her daughters, this can be seen in the audiovisual ‘they neither have a boyfriend, nor do they need one’



Bernarda wakes up and as if nothing had happened…because nothing has.




Vicente Umpiérrez, Antonio Rodríguez,

Rodolfo Santana (creadas para la obra), Luis de Pablo, Leo Brower.

Video Creation.:

 Luis Alberto Serrano.


Martín Raúl Vilallonga.

Costume Design.:

 Bárbara Végmed.

Costume Creation.:

Araceli Santana

Lighting Design.:

Francisco Luis Falcón, Serafín Ramírez

José Luis Donaldson


Manuel Esteban Vega

Choreography and Director.:

José Luis Donaldson


Bernarda Alba. Bárbara Végmed (España/Spain)

Angustias. Cristina Viera (España/Spain)

Adela. Míriam García (España/Spain)

Magdalena. Tatiana Soto (México)

Amelia. Sarai Medina (México)

Martirio. Ireri Anaya (México)

Poncia. Ana del Castillo (México)


Pepe el Romano. Álvaro Olivos (México)

Criada. Adolfina González (España/Spain)



DonaldsonDanceCompany, Luis Alberto Serrano y Ayuntamiento De Teror



Loren’s Publicidad

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